How you clean your carpet and what products to use comes next. The first question here is how often do you really have to clean your carpet? When did you last clean your carpet? It might be the most ignored item in your home. But it is one item that you use every single day.

Material matters:

How often you clean and how you clean depends a lot on the material of the carpet. Some materials accumulate a lot of dust. Some of them collect debris a little too quickly and might need more frequent cleaning. For example if you have fluffy carpets, then there might be a lot of dust particles getting trapped.

Use quick remedies to address spills and stains:

You would find a lot of easy ways to remove stains and spills. Do not leave them till they get dirtier. Remove any stain as soon as you spot it. You would also be able to find carpet stain removers in the market.

Frequency of cleaning:

The quickest and the most used method to clean a carpet is using a vacuum. This has to be done at least 2 times a week. But remember that vacuum cleaning is not really counted as cleaning your carpet. So you cannot simply stick with this method alone. Another popular method suggested is to steam your carpet. They say this deep cleans and rejuvenates your carpet. But you cannot skimp on hiring a professional. For the best life of the carpet and to make sure that it is perfectly clean, look for a reliable carpet cleaning business in your locality. In general, besides regularly cleaning your carpet, hiring a pro once in a year or two would be a good choice. They would also steam clean the carpet, but with better machinery and they would also know the right way to do it.