What does it mean really?

For the uninitiated, Espresso is the coffee that is brewed by letting a small stream of hot boiling water under severe pressure through fine coffee powder and that is why the Espresso is characterized by thick decoction and is way stronger in taste than other coffees.

The espresso is characterized by a layer of cream or froth on the top which is also a result of the pressured boiling water which is then collected in your magical cup. It must be remembered that espresso is not any kind of Coffee bean. Instead it is a method of brewing the coffee using excessive steaming water in high pressure.

The espresso machine:

The patent for the espresso machine has been awarded in 1884 in Turin to an Italian café which brewed it espresso in bulk. The first espresso machines to be made could not make only a single cup of coffee rather the customers were shortlisted and then the machine was operated.

What’s in a name?

75 percent of the coffee lovers are actually big fans of the espresso. Half of them are those that do not ever switch loyalty for any other kind of coffee. The word espresso comes from the Italian word “to press”. This is prominent from the way the coffee is brewed.

There is a day dedicated to it!

Did you know that November 24th is known as the Espresso day? The Italians are extremely sentimental about the drink and they think that they should be handed over the geographical indication mark for it because it is something that is so integral to their country and to their culture.

Have you had your cup of happiness yet?

If you have not yet tasted the elixir called espresso, dive in now to a café close by and discover it. We promise you that you will never again ask for anything else.