When you are a pet cat owner, you have a lot to think about. Not only your comfort level, you have to keep an eye on the comfort level of your pet cat. The needs of cats are somewhat different from other pet animals. Cats are generally territorial animals. But they require companionship, which they seek from their owners. If your cat loves you, it will want to associate with you in every possible way, especially your smell.

Now, this takes us to an important revelation. An animal’s sense of smell is very accurate. It can even sense your smell on the furniture around your house. Obviously, you’ll be lounging on your couch or sofa, and these and any other furniture that you use will carry your smell. Now, your favorite pet cat wants to make these spaces its territory too, as it loves you dearly.  So it will set about to make every piece of furniture that you use, as its own territory too, as it wants to completely relate to you. In this process, your pet cat can do a lot of destructive damage to your furniture.

There are two solutions to this problem. One is to get them declawed so that your furniture around the house is protected. The other is to buy them a cat tree. You obviously love your pet cat. So, getting them declawed is ruled out, as it is quite painful and traumatic. Therefore the best solution is to go in for the cat trees. Cat trees help pet cats to have their own space, where they can go up and down, scratch as much as they want to and do anything that they love. Cat trees come in different sizes, large and small. Generally, these cat trees are ideal for large cats. Even smaller cats can benefit from cat trees.