One of the most popular motifs in East Asia is the ever-charming and easy to learn bamboo art. Many famous Asian artists have been known to paint several bamboo scroll paintings, door panels, etc. for countless centuries. This particular art is considered to be one of the most shared and easiest forms of Chinese brush painting as well as Japanese sumi-e, also known as ink painting. Be it school going children or artists popular all over the world, numerous people have been involved in this art and have created fantastic pieces for several years.

Bamboo is certainly a very common plan when it comes to the region of Asia and can serve different purposes at the same time. Apart from this, it is also appreciated for the great attractive appeal it brings to the paintings made using these. Whenever we move out and see bamboos blossoming, we always appreciate the nature and the same comes into the work created by the artists using this same natural resource.

Bamboo artwork in Japan

In Japan as well as few other sections of East Asia, many people have used bamboo for painting as well as used it for writing on paper. The meaning of all these artwork in Japan is same as that in China. In fact, the truth is that majority of the Japanese art is highly inspired from that of China. Much before the era of ukiyo-e during the Edo period, the Chinese style of artwork was especially done for the leaders as well as military personnel of Japan. The painting done with the help of bamboo were the most common ones and were exclusively created for the elite crowd.

Today too, one can easily find a lot of bamboo artwork in almost every part of the world. Not only this, you can also locate several schools or classes imparting classes for learning the same. They skill you in a way that people viewing the painting created by you only say that this is great looking bamboo artwork.

If you wish to learn it, find out good classes around you and give shape to your passion.