Have a furry little pet that loves to curl up on your lap and purrs for your attention? Cats can be great pets and make your world a lot better. They are always there, a constant source of company but they don’t bother you. They seek your attention and want to be scratched every now and then reminding you they need a lot of care and pampering too.

Cat Water Fountains

Cats are known to hate water, but cats love water fountains. This is because these animals need more water than dogs and many other pets. Though they are not as active as dogs, they need enough water to keep them going.

Cats love having a separate water bowl, which is not attached to their food; this is because they like it to be clean. When placed with the food, they are convinced it is contaminated and don’t tend drink as much. This is why water fountains are a great discovery.

These water fountains circulate the water and keep it fresh at all times. All you will have to do is load up the water dish and leave it. You will not be required to change the water very frequently. This is a great product for those cat owners who are away from home for the entire day or even travel for a few days. Fountains come with inbuilt filters that will filter out the impurities and give only clean water to your pets. This way, even the pickiest cats get clean water at all times.

Another reason for the cats to love this is the sound of running water. These fountains sound like running water, hence the cats get attracted to it and end up drinking more water. This is a great way to ensure your cat not only gets water as and when it wants but is also well hydrated through the day.